Food security is one of the most acute and severe global challenges

The Global Food Security Summit 2022 concluded at #UNGA77 with strong statements from world leaders to combat global hunger and to keep food security high on the agenda.

Right before the Summit, President Biden announced over $2.9 billion in new assistance from the U.S. Government to address global #food insecurity.

Moreover, more than 100 United Nations member states have endorsed the Roadmap for Global Food Security – Call to Action. Actions agreed upon include:

🔒 Making new, additive financial donations to key humanitarian organizations to allow for an increased provision of immediate life-saving #humanitarianassistance wherever possible.

🔒 Provide, where possible and as needed, in-kind donations and necessary associated costs to key humanitarian organizations for transportation and delivery of food commodities based on assessed needs by governments of affected countries or humanitarian organizations.

🔒 Keep food, #fertilizer and #agricultural markets open and avoid unjustified restrictive measures, such as #export bans on food and fertilizer, which increase market volatility and threaten food security and #nutrition at a global scale;

🔒 Support an increase of fertilizer production, where possible and as needed, in order to compensate for shortages, accelerate and scale-up fertilizer #innovations, support their marketing, and promote methods to maximize fertilizer efficiency;

🔒 Accelerate efforts to support #sustainable agriculture and food systems, through strengthening agricultural productivity, particularly in the most affected countries to build their resilience and support domestic production, including as appropriate through efforts to support an #energy transition that is just and equitable, to make them more resilient and available to producers of all scale, including small holder #farmers.

🔒 Increase investments in research and technology to develop and implement science-based and climate-resilient agricultural innovations, including #seeds, that contribute to building sustainable and resilient agricultural sectors and food systems.

🔒 Monitor markets affecting food #systems, including futures markets, to ensure full transparency, and to share reliable and timely data and information on global food market developments, especially through the relevant international organizations.

President of the European Council Charles Michel co-chaired the event together with the United States Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, the Chairperson of the African Union and President of Senegal, Macky Sall, and the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez.

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