Lobbying in the EU Bubble

Keeping clients in the loop

What I like about being as consultant is that we act as intermediary between the European institutions and our large range of clients, should they be an insurance company, a trade association or a human rights NGO. We provide them with all relevant pieces of legislation introduced at EU level as well as of what will be on the agenda in the coming months. Thanks to our expertise in EU affairs, we are able to translate policy issues and the EU technical jargon into a comprehensible language for clients. Finally, we predict the consequences of current and coming policies on a specific field and advice our clients on how to (re)act.

A valuable source of information for lawmakers

The other side of the coin. When I was working in the “inside”, in the European Parliament, I learnt that lobbyists are actually beneficial to the legislative process. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have a very busy schedule. Often, they are not expert in the dossiers they are following and some of them even have never worked on the issues in their portfolio before. Lobbyists can serve as a valuable source of information for lawmakers as they concretely explain what could be the consequences of a pending EU legislation on a specific sector, consequences that policy-makers should foresee when drafting or amending a legislation.

Knowing that more than 80% of legislation directly affecting European citizens and businesses comes from Brussels, being up-to-date on EU legislation and represented in the bubble can have a significant impact on an organization!