Sustainability is more important than ever

Since the Sustainable Development Goals were launched in 2015 as the leading agenda for governing the global commons, the world has seen more urgent and bigger than ever global issues such as climate disasters, a pandemic, and the emergence of new technologies. In the year 2020, United Nations Member States declared the ‘Decade of Action’: The years until 2030 will be crucial to progress on the SDGs.  

Whereas negotiating global policies was until now mostly left to Member States, civil society is now expected to play a much larger role in the advancement of the SDGs. New responsibilities such as corporate reporting on SDG impact or sector-specific climate targets also bring opportunities: Civil society is now invited to the table to negotiate fundamental business policies on international level, for example when it comes to rethinking global food systems and the establishment of a global treaty on single-use plastics. 

Curious to find out which opportunities the SDGs offer to the specific situation of your organization? Don’t hesitate to request a proposal for an SDG impact scan. 

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Define your own approach

The SDGs already have a profound impact on your business. Whether you are a sustainability frontrunner or whether you are confronted by these new developments, the current increased emphasis on global impact and sustainability presents strategic, financial, and public affairs challenges and opportunities. 

Dr2 Consultants will support you in finding an individual approach that best suits your unique situation, whether you want to share best practices with policymakers or to shape concrete legislation. In doing so, we take into account your specific wishes to ensure you are empowered by our Public Affairs support. 

Why is Dr2 Consultants different?

Dr2 Consultants New York’s core competency is to connect businesses with the United Nations. We pay great attention to understand how your organization works and how your daily operations are deployed, thereby establishing the right link with the most effective Public Affairs approach. By doing so, Dr2 Consultants empowers your organization so you can be successful in your advocacy towards U.N. policymaking. 

Empowerment: Dr2 Consultants guides organizations in becoming successful in analyzing, assessing and addressing the impact of the EU legislative processes at the right time and the right level. By addressing weaknesses and reinforcing strengths based on their organizational needs, Dr2 Consultants enables organizations in developing and embedding their Public Affairs activities. Dr2 Consultants aims at creating a sustainable relationship with clients where the colleagues in charge feel empowered to represent their companies in the U.N. arena.

Network: Dr2 Consultants excels an outstanding network of sustainability-focused policymakers and their offices, corporations and trade associations who acknowledge our expertise and are willing to provide us with behind-the-scene intelligence. The mutual trust within our established network allows us to draw knowledge from different sources, enabling us to support our clients in the most time and resource efficient manner. Dr2 Consultants builds on its network to create coalitions and platforms among like-minded stakeholders with the ultimate goal to make a meaningful impact.

Innovative Public Affairs: Dr2 Consultants has an eye for innovative Public Affairs solutions. Thinking outside the box is part of our everyday job: Dr2 Consultants works together with organizations which are frontrunners in their respective fields, therefore it is within our DNA to offer innovative solutions in supporting organizations’ Public Affairs activities.

Stefanie Ros
Senior advisor