Key takeaways of the first Dr2 Consultant’s Breakfast Meeting with Uber

Main takeaways

Cities have an important role to play in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and in reaching the goals of the European Green Deal. In its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, the European Commission calls on cities to be at the forefront of the transition towards more sustainability, and it sets itself the goal of achieving 100 European climate-neutral cities by 2030. In this context, Dr2 Consultants organized a series of 30-minute breakfast meetings on sustainable and smart mobility in European cities. During these sessions, Dr2 Consultants engages in lively one-on-ones with several European and business stakeholders to discuss topical subjects in EU urban mobility, especially focusing on the challenges that cities need to overcome to become climate neutral and stimulate automated and shared mobility. During the first Breakfast Meeting, we discussed the role of automated and shared mobility in the green and digital transformation of the transport sector with Zuzana Púčiková, head of EU Public Policy at Uber.

 The main takeaways from the webinar are:

  • The COVID-19 health emergency is a major challenge for everyone, including Uber whose business was significantly reduced. However, the pandemic also gave us a glimpse of what less congested and polluted cities could look like, and how Uber can play its role to build back better;
  • The work of transit agencies has been especially important, shifting from a role of transport provider to mobility manager. The pandemic was an opportunity to integrate and complement transit networks with services such as Uber, with authorities now taking a holistic approach to making transport more accessible, equitable and efficient. This enables them to be much more ‘nimble’, and address the challenges of today and tomorrow;
  • Given the urgent need to reduce transport emissions and to drive green recovery, Uber committed to becoming climate neutral by 2040, and by 2030 across US, Europe and Canada. Across seven key European cities it aims to become 50% electric already by 2025. However, in order for transport to become more sustainable, we need to reduce the reliance of households on private cars;
  • In combination with transit, shared mobility can be a solution. Uber applauds the Commission’s forward-looking approach to shared mobility, such as the recognition of ride-hailing as key, safe and sustainable mobility solution, as well as clarifying legal status of ride-hailing platforms, addressing fragmented national rules and assessing the possibility to create a single market for ride-hailing services in the EU.

Dr2 Consultants’ Breakfast Meetings

Curious how European cities, the European Commission and other stakeholders intend to overcome the challenges of making the transformation to smart cities a success? Join Dr2 Consultants’ series of breakfast meetings on 17 February and 3 March 2021, during which we will engage in a dialogue with stakeholders to discuss the identified challenges.