The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is the international language to communicate about corporate sustainability efforts.  

Dr2 Consultants New York provides you with the strategy and tools to showcase the global impact of your organization or sector within the internationally recognized framework of the SDGs. Establishing thought leadership and communicating about your insights and achievements are important catalysators for forming partnerships and alliances, influencing policy agendas and other public affairs goals.  

Quintessential for our method of working is that you are the one to tell your story. We are happy to provide you with input and supporting tools, but your organization engages in the conversations with your stakeholders, explains your mission, and in this way establishes sustainable relationships. During the advisory trajectory we are in constant communication with you to support you, to monitor progress and quality of the process and – if needed – to provide timely adjustments. In doing so, our consultants are your advisor, sparring partner, or project manager.  

Training and coaching

Next to advising on a global impact communication strategy, we also deliver training for professionals of NGOs, companies and governments: From media training to positioning- and stakeholder management workshops. In these sessions we deepen existing knowledge and skills with a focus on the practical applications for your organization. All trainings and workshops are tailor made to your organizations’ specific needs. 

We also offer coaching programs for individual public affairs professionals who try to find their way in the global affairs field or for a group of individuals, for example a Board of Directors or a corporate social responsibility team. 

Stakeholder Management 

The SDGs are all interconnected, and interests are never isolated. Especially in the global playing field, there are multiple parties that either align with your interests and those that emphasize different priorities. The systemic changes that are needed to achieve your mission, within the SDGs, influence other stakeholders as well 

Our advisors assist you in finding a shared mission amongst stakeholders, and to facilitate good cooperation and leadership towards an alliance. We create new coalitions and associations, or manage existing ones. Associations provide excellent opportunities for discussion and debate on important issues and give access to decision makers. Together we build alliances. 

Based upon an extensive stakeholder analysis of interests and opportunities, Dr2 Consultants New York helps you to get into contact with relevant stakeholders, to bring parties together and to organize a clear organization structure and regular meetings.  

Interim Management

In a flexible labour market, supply and demand change continuously. In that constant movement we are your partner. We can temporarily strengthen your organization with a global public affairs or communication professional. At the start of a new project, with temporary replacement, or when specialist knowledge of communication or public affairs is needed. 

This may mean that we perform ad hoc tasks, but also that we work with you to set up a sustainable structure for your communication or advocacy. We have the right professional for almost every type of organization or issue.