Developing a Global Public Affairs Strategy

A Global Public Affairs Strategy starts by formulating your core mission and measuring the positive and negative impact of the conduct of your organization on SDGs. Through your mission and with the knowledge of your impact, you subsequently identify relevant stakeholders and political relationships, from local to global. With these actors you form coalitions within or without existing networks. 

Monitoring local and global policy developments forms the foundation of and effective public affairs strategy. By being on top of current affairs it is possible to analyze synergies or finance gaps. 

Engage as a proactive thought leader and practice what you preach!

Why Dr2 Consultants New York is different?

Dr2 Consultants New York is the first European public affairs agency with a dedicated U.N. Affairs office in New York. We provide clients with the access and strategies to advocate for their sustainable impact ambitions on the global government stage.

With an office focusing on the United Nations and related global governance institutions we make a natural addition to our current national or European public affairs services offering to clients.​

Vice versa, national and European public affairs services support the advocacy at the United Nations and related institutions.

We mainly support international organizations becoming active on the global stage who want to partake with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and advocate their core mission.

We understand the impact SDGs to businesses and offer an international helicopter view to proactively engage with national stakeholders.

Our multinational team and link to our offices in The Hague and Brussels ensure we are on top of policy developments in both the UN and the EU.

Dr2 Consultants New York has laid a solid foundation in terms of expertise and network. Our team has international experience by working in The Hague, Brussels and Shanghai. 


Global Public Affairs strategies

Dr2 Consultants New York offers support in developing and executing effective Global Public Affairs strategies to navigate you through the world of the UN, especially concerning the SDGs.

Global Policy monitoring

Dr2 Consultants New York keeps you informed and up to speed with the legislative processes at a global level. This is essential for the development and execution of successful Global Public Affairs strategies.

Training & coaching

Dr2 Consultants New York provides both theoretical and practical insights in the world of the UN, deep-diving in its institutions and legislative process, and guiding you through advocacy methods and tools.

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UN Inspiration Trip

Dr2 Consultants New York organizes a yearly UN inspiration trip to foster your enthusiasm about the UN and its SDGs, while giving you insight in the functioning of its institutions.