Global Affairs Training

Training institute for Global Affairs

Global Affairs Training 

Whether you are working for a corporate business, an NGO or a municipality, you are operating in an evolving policy context in which international institutions and the Sustainable Development Goals play an increasingly decisive role in realizing your organizations’ ambitions. 

At Dr2 Consultants New York we help our clients understand why and how United Nations policy matters to their current public affairs and business objectives. Moreover, we want to empower businesses and individuals with the necessary knowledge and right tools to effectively represent their interests at global level. 

Leveraging on our extensive experience in providing trainings and coaching to organizations and individuals across different industries, our trainers are ready to support you in navigating the maze of international institutions such as the United Nations. 

Customized Programs 

Together with you, we determine where the knowledge-gaps in your organization are and develop a plan to come one step closer to your global affairs goals. Our customized training programs can consist of, but are not limited to: 

The ins and outs of the U.N. institutions, procedures, and the latest trends and political dynamics. 

Making sure your voice is heard by designing and implementing a lobbying strategy.

In-depth assessment of those Sustainable Development Goals that are the most relevant to your organization’s global impact. 

One-on-one coaching sessions to empower Public Affairs and Corporate Social Responsibility professionals in fulfilling their mandate. 

What will you gain from our Global Affairs trainings?

Getting acquainted with the hierarchy and power balance between the United Nations institutions, and mastering knowledge of the policy cycles and processes of those institutions most relevant to you. 

Finding the loopholes in the policymaking and decision-making procedures to get your messages across at the right time and in the most impacting way. 

Getting up-to-speed with the latest U.N. policy trends and policy dynamics that shape the public discourse, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, the Business & Human Rights principles, and the Paris Agreement. 

Developing an understanding why global affairs start and finish at local level and how you can get involved from start to end. 

Finding your way in the ‘U.N. bubble: where to retrieve your information and how to get in touch with U.N. officials. 

Boosting your experience in developing and implementing a lobbying strategy with innovative instruments and tips and tricks to make sure your voice gets heard. 

Hearing the views and experiences of inspiring guest speakers, such as U.N. representatives and local Envoys. 

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