Policy monitoring services

What do we do?

Policy monitoring and intelligence gathering is the bedrock of public affairs.

  • Policy monitoring consists of identifying the right topics and stakeholders to follow in order to gain access to the latest relevant information. This includes regular updates and strategic analysis of regulatory developments that can affect your business.
  • It gives a clear idea of the most recent or upcoming regulatory developments at U.N. and national level, together with information on procedures and clear timelines.
  • This allows you to act timely and seize opportunities or tackle risks.

Dr2 Consultants’ policy monitoring approach

Dr2 Consultants supports you in creating a monitoring report that is tailor-made, not just in terms of topics covered, but also based on how you want to use it. We strongly believe in empowering our clients to use the information they receive from us. We engage with you every step of the way.

This means defining together your areas of interest, what format and content would fit your needs so you can take full advantage of the information you receive. We provide strategic advice to make sure you can seize opportunities or address risks and we produce an up-to-date timeline so you can make informed, timely decisions.

Complementary services

If further action is required, Dr2 Consultants can support you through additional ad hoc services, such as:

  • Design and rollout of ad hoc lobbying activities based on strategic advice
  • Feasibility assessments for your next steps
  • Dr2 Academy Public Affairs training